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Clarissa Voyant is one of the most recurring characters in the novels by

D. T. Shipjos. She appears in three series, the Journal of Adventure trilogy, the Monster Battles series and the Just Killer series. Though her first name is Clarissa, most people refer to her as Claire, pointing out that her name is a pun on clairvoyant.


Monster Battles[]

Clarissa appears in The Darkness of the Dragon's Nest as a minor character and plot role. She was seen pushing a sapphire stone into her purse, which Chris and Val assume was the stone Deleanor was searching for. In Mission Failed, she along with Tyson Fleamber join up with Chris and Val in the final battle against Deleanor.

Journal of Adventure[]

Clarissa has a job as the Entity's clairvoyant lieutenant. She writes the first prophecy to name Mike as the Chosen One, endangering his life. Later, she is attacked by two Receivers, until Mike distracts them long enough for Clarissa to kill them.