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David Trevor Shipjos is the man behind this entire Wikia, and the author of numerous novels.

In The Story[]

The Original Works[]

David Shipjos appears in Centaur Daehmay: The Villain's Revenge where he sees Mart use magic to escape from danger. David questions Mart about the origins of his powers, and Mart tells him everything. Later, he tells the Centaur Daehmay team farewell as they return to their world.

Shipjos also appears in Just Killer: Spectral Rebellion. Here, he witnesses Clarissa making the Seven Seers Prophecy. David understands the necessity behind it and personally searches for the Seven Seers. He also participates in the battle. Later, he asks each of the Seers about their pasts.

It is at first assumed that the books themselves are simply a collection of what Shipjos learned through talking to Mart, the Seers, and Clarissa, Clarissa being the greatest source of data. Indeed, the Halloween trilogy claims itself to be a published copy of what a woman (likely Clarissa) sent to him. His own goals are not revealed at first, though he appears to search for the supernatural.

However, in The Sekdinj Heroes, Shipjos's motives become known. It is revealed that he is searching for the Lost One, a member of the Resistance he is now known to be a part of. His role in The Sekdinj Heroes is considerably greater than that of his other appearances. Shipjos is one of the "lesser beings" whom the Sekdinj choose to aid in freeing them. Shipjos takes on the quest for the Fumarin heart and becomes involved in its destruction. At the end, he talks to some of the others chosen by the Sekdinj, finally learning their own stories and being able to write the remainder of the Original Works.

Shipjos asks the Sekdinj if the other chosen were the most exciting true stories in history. The Sekdinj inform him that there are other, more dangerous people out there, and that the Sekdinj hadn't taken them because they had "a greater role to play". He then gets a message from Clarissa, telling him that the Lost One is being held at Qualtieri. Shipjos concludes the Original Works with a note to the Lost One, telling her that he hasn't given up on the search.

The Secondary Works[]


The New Works[]

The Final Adventures[]


  • In Heart of Stone, Olive mentions that he said the Elements must write down all details. It is assumed that he is David T. Shipjos.
  • David Shipjos seems to be part of many large groups.
    • He is the leader of the Resistance.
    • He is one of the Five.
    • He was one of the chosen from the Sekdinj.