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Centaur Daehmay: The Egyuram SecretCentaur Daehmay (series)Chris in the Dead World
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Crystal TorresD. T. ShipjosD. T. Shipjos, The Original Works
D. T. Shipjos: TertiaryD. T. Shipjos: The Final AdventuresDSS
DarkFire (book)Darkness (Journal of Adventure)Deep in the Sewers
Deleanor on the SkyscraperDon't Tap The GlassDoom Mountain
Dustin GarrettEmily WilsonEnter the Void
Gabe RamirezGauntletGiant Spiders
Ian Kamwetz-AugustineJapanese DemonsJason Stone
Jewel of TutankhamenJournal of AdventureJournal of Adventure (book)
Journal of Adventure (series)Just KillerKatherine Cohen
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List of D. T. Shipjos BooksLynne Pringle
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Mission FailedMona GarrisonMonster Battles
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One Horrible MistakeOtherworldly DangerPan Gaea
ReceiversRobert BolgerSagen
SealsSeersSeparate Times
Shadow SoulShipjos WikiSol Helios
Spectral RebellionTemporal EradicationThe Abysmal Beast
The Big FlameThe Darkness of the Dragon's NestThe End of Life
The EntityThe Ghosts of Russia's PastThe Last Doorway Chronicles
The Last EmberThe New Works of D. T. ShipjosThe Other Path
The Secondary Works of D. T. ShipjosThe Sekdinj HeroesThe Unraveling
Time TeamTime WarriorsTom Moore
Tyler GarrisonTyson FleamberUnited, They Howl
Valerie and the VampiresVillains in the Centaur Daemay seriesWalter Meminde
What Does Fear Mean?Zack Smith
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